Manav Singh earned a double undergraduate degree in Finance and Risk Management and did a double MBA in Strategy and Leadership at the Max M. Fisher College of Business at the Ohio State University. Singh also went on to earn his property and casualty license for the state of Ohio.
Passionate about the hospitality industry from a young age, Manav grew into the company his father started by working in sales and within a seven year period accrued nearly  six million dollars in additional sales and event revenue.
After mastering the day to day operations of the industry, Manav began utilizing his skills in sales and acquisitions and sold several hotels within the Sintel Portfolio. Singh wanted to re-focus the company on key development and construction projects and led Sintel to open two hotels in the Ohio's most bustling districts- The Ohio State University. Within a ten year period, Singh is responsible for nearly forty million dollars worth of real-estate transactions.
Today both father and son have joined forces and have formed Sintel Retail, which owns and manages over ten national tenants across Columbus, Ohio.
Singh's goal are simple yet strategic: Not to be the largest hotel company in Columbus, but for each hotel within the Sintel family to outperform its competitors through guest satisfaction, employee retention and ultimately giving back to the community, which afforded Sintel each opportunity.