Jagdeep Singh graduated from the National Defence Academy of India in 1970. After serving in the Indian Navy for seventeen years, Singh migrated to Columbus, Ohio in 1988.

After a humble beginning in the hospitality industry, Singh went on to acquire his first hotel in 1997. From there the Sintel brand and family of hotels grew to over eight hotels in the Midwest and several retail centers. Jagdeep Singh is responsible for nearly seventy million dollars worth of real estate transactions and has positioned Sintel to be a key leader in several high barrier to entry markets.

Today Mr. Singh enjoys visiting his hotels on a daily basis with his two puppies Zoey and Ziggy. He is married with two children, enjoys traveling, and sailing in the open seas. Both Mr. Singh and his son Manav's interest in strategically expanding the Sintel portfolio into retail plazas has proven to be extremely lucrative as they continue to look to develop another hotel at the Ohio State University and expand to their existing retail portfolio.